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Video: The Big Class on Film

As part of the research for "G L Watson - The Art and Science of Yacht Design", we found this amazing film clip from the Golden Age of Yachting at the IFI Irish Film Archive in Dublin. All three competitors in this Clyde "Big Class" race were designed by G.L. Watson.

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DUBLIN BAY – The Cradle of Yacht Racing

“Lively, provocative, deeply researched, superlative”
Llewellyn Howland III (Boston):


G.L. WATSON – The Art & Science of Yacht Design

“The book of the decade… in fact, nothing has been produced like this in the past 20 years.”

“… just arrived this morning. Looks stunning, I had no idea it was such a masterpiece. Thank you so much. I look forward to reading it.”

“Lots of beautiful pictures that I’ve never seen before”

“Now it is released! Very beautiful and well done…”

“THE BOOK has arrived, and it is magnificent. My congratulation to all of you (though especially to Martin, who alone knows what it is like to work on the biography of a yacht designer for half a lifetime).“

“Congratulations to your excellent book on G. L. Watson!”

“Martin Black’s masterpiece ‘G.L. Watson – The Art and Science of Yacht Design’ arrived here recently and has put paid to all work around the house for the time being…

“I am truly impressed with the bio, which is a massive work of scholarship, a fascinating read and a proper reference work as well as a tribute to one of our great Glasgow men.”

“I am jumping up and down for joy having the book, if only you knew how exited I am.”

“It’s been the life work of Martin Black who devoted the past 25-30 years of his life researching and collecting anything on G.L. Watson, to my mind was the greatest naval architect of the 19th Century and early 20th Century.
The result is a really incredibly beautiful book with lots of magic pictures that will keep anyone of us of the streets for a while.

“I am sure you won’t regret a penny spent if you order your copy today, an absolute must have!”

“Having now read it cover to cover and planning to read it again, I have to Email you.

“I have to praise you on producing an informed, unbiased account of the Great man’s work and life. Reading the race commentaries had me enthralled and surprisingly egging his boats on.

“It has been long awaited for his story to be told in one publication and I praise you for you years toil in compiling this record of importance. I hope this goes some way to improving his profile which I feel has been in the shadow of Fife etc.”