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Video: The Big Class on Film

As part of the research for "G L Watson - The Art and Science of Yacht Design", we found this amazing film clip from the Golden Age of Yachting at the IFI Irish Film Archive in Dublin. All three competitors in this Clyde "Big Class" race were designed by G.L. Watson.

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Martin Black

Author of G.L. WATSON, The Art & Science of Yacht Design

Renfrewshire born corporate lawyer and yachtsman, Martin Black, has for over twenty years passionately applied himself to the enormous task of exploring G.L. Watson’s life and career. His comprehensive approach has unlocked a multitude of once hidden and significant yachting stories and images.


Hal Sisk

Author of DUBLIN BAY, The Cradle of Yacht Racing

Retired engineer and yachting historian Hal Sisk has enjoyed a life-long interest in the development of yachting. He has entertained audiences in five continents with presentations on his favorite subject, and featuring his exemplary yacht restorations of Vagrant, Colleen Bawn and Peggy Bawn. Formerly a co-founder and Vice Chairman of the Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association, he is now in his 33rd season racing his 14ft Water Wag dinghy.