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Video: The Big Class on Film

As part of the research for "G L Watson - The Art and Science of Yacht Design", we found this amazing film clip from the Golden Age of Yachting at the IFI Irish Film Archive in Dublin. All three competitors in this Clyde "Big Class" race were designed by G.L. Watson.

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About Peggy Bawn Press

Peggy Bawn Press was established to publish Martin Black’s remarkable and comprehensive biography of the great yacht designer George Lennox Watson. Volume II, entitled “Justice to the Line” will contain in a landscape format many of his most significant designs, as lines and sail plans.

Now Peggy Bawn Press has also published Hal Sisk’s “Dublin Bay the Cradle of Yacht Racing”, equally well illustrated, describing how the modern sport of amateur competitive sailing was pioneered, popularised and formatted by the yachtsmen of Dublin Bay in the two decades 1854 to 1874.

Thus Peggy Bawn Press again sets a new course in the history of yachting.